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PureVPN – 蒼老師的翻牆軟件 – Cricket WorldCup Campaign and Happy Chinese New Year

Cricket WorldCup Campaign and Happy Chinese New Year

The 11th ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 offers new avenues for your potential businesses. To dig the most out of this incredible opportunity, once again we bring an outstanding discount offer for our users – get 10% off on all package plans and add-ons by simply using the promo code ‘CWC2015’.

It’s a limited time offer starting from February 21st and will expire on March 30th 2015.

How PureVPN Is Helping Users Across The World?


As always, PureVPN is offering flawless live streaming of the Cricket World Cup 2015. Do you want to know how?

  • Especially optimized servers in Australia, India, South Africa, UK, New Zealand, UAE, Canada, USA, Greece, Italy and France
  • ‘Cricket World Cup Streaming’ has been added in the list of purposes in latest Windows VPN dialer
  • Updated Android VPN App with a unique Cricket theme
  • Blogs with list of all online broadcasters, schedule for all matches and an up-to-date Fixture table


Happy Chinese New Year: Use Promo Code 888 to get Additional 10% off on All PureVPN Plans

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