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Senuke Xcr 中文教學 seo教學

Senuke Xcr 中文教學 seo教學 開啓Senuke Xcr,選Wizard,開始設定,輸入Campaign Name,URL,Keyword後按Next 設定後按Next Project Linking 按Open使用Template,按需要使用,個人較喜歡用 Safe 4 Way Attack. 以下是Template XCr 2 Tier SN Pyramid,為期三十天最為有效.這類Template太過強大,小心使用為妙 按Auto-generate.Email最好使用AOL Mail以及在Option的Captcha 設定手動打碼註冊郵箱(暫時關閉Enable Auto Captcha Solving),然後按TEST.必須通過TEST才能開始接下來的文章部分. 這裏就不截圖了.之後一輪的Spin article,copy and paste處理好文章後按EXPORT就完成 這是設定IP的地方,如果你選擇VPN就選Do not touch IE setting. 別忘記每次都要檢查已經如圖選了使用Captcha Service和Enable Auto Captcha Solving.自已手動打碼除外

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spin rewriter lifetime license regular price from $497 to $197 seo spinner

spin rewriter lifetime license regular price from $497 to $197 永久版限時節扣 只需$197 You have 30 days to try Spin Rewriter and enjoy the amazing SEO benefits it delivers. If you’re not 100% satisfied with Spin Rewriter, we will refund your payment — no questions asked, guaranteed! 隨意找了一篇文章,設定only synonyms that Spin Rewriter is really confident about (low risk, high readability) 1.原文 Search …

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Captcha Breaker,Captcha Sniper,,Deathbycaptcha

Captcha Breaker,Captcha Sniper and Deathbycaptcha Screen shot of Captcha Sniper and Captcha Breaker 左邊的是Captcha sniper 右邊是Captcha Breaker配合Deathbycaptcha 使用,有些時候,索性使用一個Captcha Breaker就夠了! The GSA Search Engine Ranker arrangement of captcha setting 1. Captcha sniper 2.Captcha Breaker 4.Deathbycaptcha to keep you wallet big. Eve.cm不是特別有效的工具,但放在Deathbycaptcha前的確可以減少Deathbycaptcha的使用量.Eve.cm0.5USD=1000captchas,Deathbycaptcha 1.39USD=1000個captchas SenukeXcr captcha setting with Captcha sniper,Captcha Breaker and Deathbycaptcha 一般情況下,都會以Captcha Sniper作為輔助,原因是Captcha Sniper實在不及Captcha Breaker的解碼能力. 在SenukeXcr 下會以CaptchaSniper作首次解碼,第二次會以CaptchaBreaker再配合Eve.cm或Deathbycaptcha作解碼.你可以見到下圖左邊Captcha Breaker的設定及右圖Senuke Xcr 的設定.你會發現右圖是選擇Depatcher,原因是要透過Depatcher的設定傳送到Captcha Breaker,再在左邊的圖選好Run as …

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